Rumor has it that the Louisville male high school had its beginnings in the Gideon Shyrock style building shown below at right, a building which had been previous to April nineteen fifty-six the university of Louisville law school building. This building and others which became the Louisville medical school were demolished in the seventies after falling into the hands of the urban renewal people. On this block, now renamed the Kentucky tech campus, operates a state vocational school. 

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Tiring of Shyrock, the school boys and their professors moved into the former female high school – shown in its fin-de-Siecle splendor on first street near chestnut- below left – in nineteen ninety-eight. When the girls were blessed with a new building at sixth and hill streets, – which. Too, has been demolished within living memory for the construction of a marvelous Louisville fire department structure complete with sliding poles.

For three long years, six semesters that is, from September of nineteen thirty-nine through June of nineteen forty-two, after delivering a hundred plus courier-journal morning newspapers in his highlands neighborhood on his trusty balloon – tyred bicycle, at five-thirty in the morning, Wrye would slip into something more militant – his R.O.T.C uniform – and wait impatiently for the trolley car, in the cold or heat, in rain, or snow, or sleet, in dark or shine, to fetch him off to brook and Broadway, about an half an hour away, from which he hot-footed it through rain, or snow, or sleet, in dark or shine, three blocks to the southward to attend the daily exhilarating marching band practice, marching and tooting about upon a muddy football field behind this imposing edifice posing here on downtown brook street, – before classroom classes started up at eight-thirty ante meridiem for real. 

Built in nineteen fifteen, this ornate palace of learning was but twenty-seven years old when Wrye was ejected into the warring world. In nineteen ninety-nine it is to be torn down with the blessings of the school-board to make room for some kind of a day-care center or such. 

It is not the school building which is at fault in its own demise, it is the six-lane interstate number sixty-five motor expressway just fifty feet west of brook street raised up upon a berm which has insouciantly destroyed the building’s usefulness. The continuous deafening roar of rubber on concrete penetrates the male high school building to the point abject exasperation.

So be it!


900 south brook street at Breckenridge


The graduating class of June nineteen hundred and forty-two

About three hundred showed up for diplomas at the memorial auditorium that hot night of. June the eighth more than a half century ago. World war two was in full bloom and not going so well having started off poorly for the U. S. Of a. Out in the Pacific Ocean. The commencement speeches are all forgotten, but it would not be difficult to conjure up several trite replicas given 

The circumstances. Most of Wrye’s classmates. joined up and went over. Some came back. 

Printed here, is the masterlist with no further comment.

James Adair 

Milton C. Adler 

Arthur Slater Allen 

Edward W. Alvey 

Bertrand M. Anz 

Max E. Archer 

Charles H. Arms 

Francis A. Bade 

Paul Bailey 

Albert Johnson Barnes 

David H. Bauer 

Paul A. Bauer 

Haskell S. Bazell 

Gordon C. Beck 

Edward F. Bell 

Richard Bensinger 

Edgar H. Beagiund 

Clifford L. Berner 

Edward William Billharz 

Philip Lee Blumenthal. Jr. 

Harry Louis Bockman 

Ray Lames Boone 

Fred W. Bornhauser 

Malachi Charles Boughen 

Kenneth Harold Bower

Walker Hill Bowman 

William A. Braune 

Clyde L. Breland. Jr. 

Donald H. Brown 

Harry C. Browning 

Cletus W. Brumleve 

Herbert Debaun Bryant 

Paul I. Bryars. Jr. 

Hulin Lee Bundy 

Eugene M. Campbell 

Louis F. Carey 

James Logan Carter 

James Pryor Castleman. II

Donald G. Catlin 

Paul Edward Chesher

Joe Peary Childress 

Fred G. Claypool 

Elmo C. Clubb 

Stuart W. Cohen 

Fletcher B. Cole 

John Mortimer Colter 

Irvin Francis Conely 

John Shouse Cordon 

William F. Cowell. Jr. 

William Crawford 

  1. Calvin Crim 

Welby Erick Dahlman 

Jack Roland Denson 

Roderick Douglas Dew 

Clyde George Diemer 

James E. Dillon 

Samuel W. Distler 

Charles Kermrr Downs 

  1. Calvin Ounnavan 

Alvin Henry Durham 

Richard E Dysart 

Howard Davis Ege 

William E. Ehlig 

Carl Kenneth Eisenmenger 

Robert Craig Ernst. Jr. 

George Henry Esselmann. Ir.

Charles C. Faulkner. Ir. 

Calvin Day Fields 

Benedict Finzer. V 

Arthur H. Fleischaker 

Armin W. Fleischman 

Charles H. Ford 

Ray Ford 

Joseph W. Fowler 

William B. Fowler 

Robert C. Fraim 

Osborne Fremd 

Robert Bruce French 

Wm. P. Friedlander 

Anthony P. Gannon 

Elmer B. Gausepohl 

John Hughes Gehant 

Howard Edmonds Gerlaugh

Bill George Gianacakes 

Richard H. Gilbert 

Raymond E. Gilson 

George Thomas Glenn. Jr. 

David S. Goldstein 

Richard Woelpert Goranflo

Robert C. Grammar 

Robert Bryant Grant 

Arthur O. Grossman 

William C. Gutgsell 

  1. Robert Gutmann 

John Mccabe Hall 

Paul Donald Hammond 

Edward K. Hand 

William Thomas Hardin 

Charles L. Hargrave 

Brooks L. Hargrove. Jr. 

Morris Hatfield 

Frederic Carl Hauck 

John Sayre Hayman 

Robert Haysley 

Emil Hebel 

Paul Louis Heckaman 

William C. Heizer 

Stuart Hendershot 

Bueford Gilbert Herbert 

Dillard Hockersmith 

Merlin Joseph Hogan 

Harry E. Holt 

Edward W. Holzknecht 

Albert L. Hopkins. Jr. 

Jesse Clyde Hornback 

William Burns Hornback 

George Matt Howard 

William Gray Hume 

John T. Hussung 

John S. Ice 

Arthur Hoff Isaacs 

Calvin Ray James

Kenneth O’dell James 

Nelson Richard Jamison 

John William Jennings 

James M. Johnston 

Gale Jones 

Harrison Houston Jones 

Theo. S. Judo 

Herman J. Kaiser 

Sylvester Ernest Lee Kanzler William Martin Keely 

Robert H. Kerrh 

George C. Keller 

Roy Gluint Kelley 

Walker Warder Kemper 

Leroy E. Kennedy 

  1. I. Kear. Jr. 

Robert Duvall Kincheloe 

Edmond 0. King 

Arnold Mceuen Kirk 

William Thomas Klapheke 

Hilmar Kleeman 

Bill Harold Kiefer 

Warren G. Klasterman 

Edward Theodore Kornhauser Max Phillip Kreitman 

Vernie C. Lawrence 

William M. Lee 

Narbert Anthony Leppert 

Alvin F. Levin 

Charles Wood Lewis 

Emery Frederick Lewis 

Jack W. Lrrzlnger 

Richard A. Lockard 

Carroll H. Luhr. Jr. 

  1. David Mcclure 

James Vernon Mccullough 

Noel 0. Mcdonald 

Raymond Lee Mcdonald 

Cecil F. Mcgee 

Robert Eugene Mcgee 

Roberts Alan Mcglasson 

Dan Davis Mcguire 

Robert Christie Mciver. Ia. 

Roger Paxton Madison 

Herman William Marcus. Jr. 

Garvin Willis Martin 

Homer Bolin Martin 

Robert Elliott Mathis 

John E. Maurer 

James Lee Mehne 

Gordon Bennett Messick 

Edmund Davison Millea.Jr. 

Perry Robert Millea. Jr. 

John Martin Moorhatch 

William H. Mootz 

Kenneth Eugene Moreland 

Lee Morguelan 

Orson Holland Morrow. Jr. Curtis Martin Moavec 

Donald I. Myatt 

John Edward Nail 

Dale B. Neuoecker 

Merle Newton. Jr. 

Sgiuire Elbert Nichols 

William Forst Nichols 

Timmons Telfred Owens 

Anthony L. Paalz 

Stuart Randolph Paine 

David Willard Parsons 

Aubrey Kenton Pate 

Rollin Marcum Patton 

Allen Phillip Pearson 

William Marvin Petty. Jr. 

Kenneth William Pheiller 

Albert Sidney Phillips. Jr. 

George Edward Phillips 

Sidney Albert Phillips 

Kenneth Malcolm Philpot

Donald Joseph Pike

Augustus Grady Poe

James Bowling Pratt

Albert C. Price

Edgar Benton Proctor 

Matthew Brady Gluinn 

Robert I. Reagan 

Donald K. Aeccius 

Paul Carey Reio 

Kenneth Robert Renner 

Raymond E. Rhodes 

James Edgar Richards 

Dan Martin Richardson 

Albert Rieser 

Joseph Haynes Riggs 

William Joseph Roehrig 

Wallace A. Rose 

William (Billi Francis Rose 

Donald Jay Roth 

Harry D. Auoenshiolo 

William B. Rush 

Edward S. Saag 

  1. Earl Sandusky 

Mark Whrrney Sauas 

Allen Charles Schanz 

George Albert Schifferoeckea Frank Oldham Schooler 

Lawrence B. Schuster 

Aron Schwartz 

Louis Seelbach 

Hughes V. Sewell 

Jack Leonard Shapero 

William Joseph Siemens 

Joseph Lyle Simpson 

Bob E. Skarman 

  1. Dale Slater 

Clarence A. Smith. Jr. 

Charles Edgar Solley 

Lamar Pound Speier 

Donald C. Spencer 

George Mcclellan Staples. Jr. 

Giles Leslie Stephens 

James Ogden Stiles 

Robert Louis Stiles 

Jeffery Stokes Story 

Rigdon Haynes Stroud 

Dan John Sullivan 

Morton A. Tenenbaum 

Edward Michael Thoben. Jr. 

Kenneth Conrad Thomas 

Hugh Ailey Thornberry 

Robert A. Troxell 

Edward Swrrow 

James N. Taylor 

James Knox Vanarsdale 

Burton H. Vandyke 

William M. Vangundy 

Robert Lewis Veeneman 

Herbert Allen Vinson 

William Joseph Vonsick. Jr. 

Frederick W. Wagner. Ill

  1. Ben Ward 

Robert Johnson Watts 

Frank Roger Weber 

Bernard Joseph Wehrle 

Franklin Levaughn Wheeler

 Robert George Wiederhold 

James Allen Williams 

William Charles Willock 

Charles Edgar Wilson 

Curtis Hardin Winfrey 

Joseph Wolf. Jr. 

  1. L. Waight 

Leo Wrye 

Joseph Oscar Young 

Roy Young 

William Z. Young 

Richard G. Youngerman 



At attention stands Wrye’s ” i ” company. This is wartime serious – at the very brink. Wrye and his doughty camarades, to-be avengers of pearl harbor and blitzkkrieg – it was may of ninety-two – armed with nineteen-o-three bolt-action Springfield rifles, the officers with polished sabers, these toughened troops stand tall. With their polished shoes and brass buttons, they would strike fear and wreak havoc across treacherous seas world-war wide, everywhere. 

The graduating seniors had trained for three years daily, except Saturday and Sunday, learning to stand at “attention” · to stand at ease” · to stand at “parade-rest” • “right-face” · “left-face” · “about-face” • “forward march”. “to the rear march” • “column-left march” · “column-right march” · “right-oblique march” · “left-oblique march” · “double-time march” · “quick-time march” · “break-step march” · [for crossing little bridges] · “right-shoulder arms” • “left-shoulder arms” – “present arms”. “trail arms” • “inspect arms” • “sling arms” • “break ranks”. “smoke ’em if ya got ’em” – “fall-in”. “fall our etcetera.

All of this desperate training was very jejune. It probably saved a lot of enemy lives, as killing was not emphasized.


* Reserve officers training corps – Wrye may almost be discerned at almost the very back of the pack wearing an officers dress cap.



Mouthing such faggoty crap as this.

Whenever the time came to clasp one’s hand to heart and break into stirring “dear olds” Wrye had a trumpet stuck in his face trying to fortissimo-ly blow away this embarrassing childish blather with blaring clarion blast,

in retrospect Wrye supposed that that high school was no more mediocre than the common run of high schools festering all over the state, -or even the nation, it was just bigger than most and could multiply its “mediocreness” by a factor of n,

The boring routine-bound elderly Profesors were probably cow-college graduates insufficient to the task of a college or university. The students were common run of the mill average future insurance salesman, or less, who were primarily caught up in the thrill of the football rivalries, whilst the city itself was a backwoods burg smoldering in the ruins of the depression, stagnant and un-imaginative – growing not up, only out.

Wrye had few fond memories of “dear old high school.” or “dear old high school days” -in fact, he seemed to have consciously blanked-out most of that drear treadmill of consummate mediocrity from his otherwise consummate memory.